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Jiu Jitsu Tips for Beginners

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If you or your child has signed up for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, you might be wondering what to expect. As a beginner, you are probably curious about BJJ in general as well as the academy where you will be training. To make your first few days more relaxing and to make sure that you have found the right BJJ coach, there are some things that you should consider before day one.

The Right BJJ Academy Really Matters


What makes one BJJ academy better than others? For most people it is the types of classes that are offered there as well as the BJJ coach who teaches those classes. Look for an Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Academy that offers more than just Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for instance, as well as a school that has at least one black belt on staff. The more people the academy serves, the higher the number of black belt level instructors.


You Get What You Put into Your Training


No matter how dedicated the BJJ coach is or how wonderful the academy is, nothing is going to change if you don’t put forth your own effort. If there is no other tip that you take away, that is the most important. If you want to make a change in your life and are serious about learning anything about  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it is important that you realize that the first and best tool in your progress is within yourself. If you are only going to show up for classes when you feel like it or have nothing better to do for that day, you are not going to make very good progress at all. On the other hand, if you want to work hard and follow the cues of your Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu coach instructor, you can achieve new levels of both fitness and accomplishment.


Your First Day of Training


Your first day of BJJ training will start with getting ready. You should discuss what to wear with the instructor when you sign up. A traditional outfit is not necessary, especially if you are not sure that you are going to continue. However, you should wear something that does not restrict your movements and will not get in your way. You will start each Brazilian Jiu Jitsu session with a warm up to get the blood flowing. Each BJJ coach will have his or her own drills to follow.


Next, you will learn techniques from the instructor, who will carefully break down each movement before pairing the class off to practice each move. Finally, you will move to open sparring, which is also called rolling in the BJJ world. This is where you get to try out things you have learned with an opponent who is going to actively resist you. Do not be afraid to ask questions or have a move shown once again so that you are not only well informed but do not get hurt as well.


Here's a preview of what the technique portion of the class might look like:

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