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Making the Commitment to Make the Change with BJJ Featured

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Mixed martial arts is exploding in the sports and entertainment world today! By definition mixed martial arts is a contact fighting sport in which all disciplines of martial arts can be used to defend and win a confrontation. Both standing and ground combat fighting techniques are used. Examples would be Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu for the ground fighting and taekwondo techniques for the standing.

Keep in mind that most professional MMA fighters have various combinations of learned fighting skills. Some of which are:

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu “The most important!”
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing
  • Boxing
  • Wresting
  • Judo
  • and maybe even Taekwondo

Generally people get highly skilling in one or two disciplines and acquire knowledge of the others and this helps to make them better fighters. If you are looking to challenge your mind and body like no other, then a mixed martial arts class is perfect for you.

The simple physical exertion of these sessions is incredible. These martial arts classes force your muscles to get stronger, your endurance levels higher and your agility has no choice but to get better each and every session.

A BJJ Coach understands that learning the basics of each of the disciplines found in a MMA class is going to ensure there is zero chance of getting bored with this workout.

There will ALWAYS be a challenge for you and this is what makes mixed martial arts training so invigorating and rewarding. There is something in it for everyone!

Just knowing that you can defend yourself if the need arises will do wonders on your confidence level. An Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Coach knows that this self-confidence will shine through in your every day.

Keep in mind the idea behind any Martial Arts training is to defend yourself. Don't look for confrontations but rather figure out ways to diffuse the situation.

For example, in mixed martial arts you are taught to disable and get away. You can break someone's arm if you have to so that you can escape but you are not taught to 'finish' them off. If that makes sense?

BUT...if you are in a dangerous situation and forced to fight, you can. With mixed martial arts training you have the ability to protect your family and your life, that is an incredibly awesome feeling of positive power.

A BJJ Coach knows that the wondrous world of Mixed Martial Arts is incredibly exciting. Something that sends electricity through your veins and energizes you like no other.

A mixed martial arts class is nothing like your boring gym routine or aerobics class. These classes get boring quickly and plateau more often than not. This means that you will be putting in the effort but won't see any results. Weight loss will stop and your body and mind will stop gaining strength.

With MMA training you will always see results because these classes are incredibly diverse. Changing all the time and this is what makes them so amazing.

It all starts with you! If you are looking to add substance to your life. If you want to challenge your body and mind like no other, then a Mixed Martial Arts class should be your next stop!

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