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Thursday, 26 April 2012 16:55

Bully Proof Your Child with MMA

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The news is getting hard to take these days. Every day there are dozens of reports of bullying incidents in the schools across the nation for everything from being too tall to being too short, too chubby or too thin and more. What do all of these incidents have in common? They have two things: bullies and victims.


Bullies choose their target by simple mathematics. They choose the child who has something that they can exploit and a decided lack of confidence. It is confidence that allows children to stand up to a bully and to say “no more” as well as to know when it is smarter to walk away from the fight but to do so with their head up. MMA training can give your child that confidence.


It Is Not the Size of the Dog in the Fight That Matters


No one is suggesting that MMA training with a BJJ coach will turn your kid into a fighter. No one is suggesting that that’s what anyone wants. But your kid is probably fed up with being afraid all of the time, hiding from bullies and worse, getting beat up and abused by them. It is simple as an adult to say “ignore them and they will stop”. But the kid knows that isn’t true. And time spent waiting for the bullies to find another target can be sheer agony.


Give your kids the confidence to stand up for themselves and they may be able to protect others in the meantime.  It is not a matter of making your kid bigger or meaner than the other one. It is a matter of teaching them that size does not always matter.


One of the major concepts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is that a smaller, weaker person can quickly take down and take control of a much larger person as long as he or she knows the right techniques for ground fighting. Once your kids see that in action, they will not be afraid of the bullies any more. That lack of fear is what will help the most. Bullies only like the weak and afraid, not the ones who are unafraid and are ready to stand their ground and fight back. That is just not the bully way.


Will MMA Training Turn My Kid into a Bully?


While you might want your child to stand up for himself and protect himself, you don’t want to encourage MMA training if it is going to send him in the opposite direction by creating a trained bully. One of the things that is learned while working at Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Coach is the concept of respect for oneself and for others, which the child will carry with him outside of the academy doors. He will know that he fights to protect himself or to protect others but not to intimidate or abuse. It might even help him to reach the bullies who may only need a friend.


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