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Monday, 30 January 2012 09:49

Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Coach: Class Structure Part 2 - Rolling

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Continuing from my previous blog regarding the structure of the classes at Marcello's Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu academy after the students are all warmed up, stretched out, and some new techniques have been learned and practiced, the majority of people in there are breaking a bit of a sweat. Well, have no fear, because they are about to get drenched! Now is the most fun and competitive part of the class, where the rubber meets the road. It is now time for what Marcello Monteiro refers to as “training.” Many others in Jiu Jitsu call it “rolling.” Basically, it is time to spar with your colleagues, to use some of this top-notch instruction in a real life Brazilian Jiu Jitsu setting.

The matches are paired up by Monteiro himself, and, like the instruction/technique portion of the class, there is a rhyme and reason to it. If you are in your first or second week of Jiu Jitsu, chances are that you will not be paired up to spar with someone, but rather Marcello will have you just watch a match between higher ranked students to see what they do and soak up some knowledge. If you are still fresh but not completely new, Marcello may pair you up with a higher ranked belt who may very well have his way with you, but will at least make it a learning experience for you. But, for the most part, opponents are paired up to roll based on being similar age, size, and skill level. And we push each other. Every match of this training, this human chess match, is different. Every match is a learning experience. Mistakes are made, and are generally capitalized upon by the observant opponent. Marcello and his associate instructors and higher ranked students walk around and observe, giving tips, keeping everything clean. The people who aren’t training at the time observe, and everyone helps each other, especially when two groups of preoccupied grapplers get too close to one another. It is an intense workout.

After about five or six minutes Marcello will call time. At that point he will switch partners. He will give some people (mainly beginner whites or exhausted people) a break, subbing some in and some out to watch, but for the most part people are re-matched up with others and it is time to go again. All matches start in a neutral position of some sort, and no one is ever out to hurt each other but we are all, always out to push each other, to make each other better. That’s what being a part of Marcello’s Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu team is all about. If someone makes a mistake during the sparring round, ends up in a bad position and it forced to tap out, then usually some advice is given by the higher rank and the match is reset in a neutral position and it is time to go again. You can take a break whenever you need, but many have too much pride for that. They continue until the Professor calls time, even if they are tapped out multiple times during the fight.

If this sounds like an incredible workout, it is. If this sounds intense, believe me, it is. It is also very fun and fulfilling in many ways. You can learn more about it and see some famous Jiu Jitsu matches and training sessions at bjjcoach.com.

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