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Monday, 14 May 2012 14:56

Coach Training Online: Is It Possible?

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People do everything online these days, from shopping to renewing prescriptions. Can they really learn MMA or BJJ techniques online? Will they get the same instruction from their computer as they would from a BJJ coach? While it might seem like a strange concept, it is actually more possible than you might expect. There are a number of reasons that you might like the online academy as a supplemental part of your training program.

Concentrated Effort on a Troubling Technique

While at the academy, you have stopped and asked the BJJ coach to show the same technique repeatedly. Others in the class are rolling their eyes at you and already plotting to use that move on you during the next sparring session. With the online coaching, you can watch the technique in real time and then in slowed down, break down mode.

During each move, the exact movement is discussed in great detail including the why. For instance, when escaping a certain type of chokehold, the first step might be to prevent yourself from being actually choked. You do so by moving your head or neck in one direction. That is explained in the online video related to that move. You can play it over and over if you need to without slowing the entire class down or exposing your weakness to others that are training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu alongside you. The worst thing that you can ever do is to expose yourself to others.


Practice When You Have the Time to Do So

While you are at the academy, you are at the mercy of the clock. You have to make it to class on time and then leave when that class is over and done. When you use the online academy to learn BJJ techniques, you can do so whenever you are so moved. You have a spare half hour or more, you can throw on your gear and then click on the video, pausing or going back as you need. You can practice alone, perhaps in front of a mirror or you can press a family member into duty as your sparring partner. That might get more of your family members involved with MMA training- which is always a good thing.

There are times when the weather or other factors are not going to make it easy to get your practice in. Instead of missing your practice for the day, you can use the online option to keep on track. Your BJJ coach might be completely floored by how much you have learned and how quickly you are progressing.

Do not be concerned that you are watching videos online- you are still getting the real BJJ coach experience without any kind of distraction. They are led by the real instructors who you would see in the academy and are separated for all levels from white belt to black belt. There are more than 400 techniques covered by these videos.

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