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Friday, 24 February 2012 14:35

We Train Hard at Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Coach

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"Train hard, this is why we train like we fight. I take this saying to heart"

Train hard, this is why we train like we fight. I take this saying to heart. To some its just a clever saying, to me it can mean life or death to myself or others. I pay close attention to every aspect of any training even if it seems pointless. If it didn't work they wouldn't drill this into our head. Knee up, stay tight, keep your eye on your target, keep that head down... these are just a few things that are drilled into my head on both plains of training. For those who do not know I am an enlisted soldier in the United States Army, so training for me is just an every day thing, and thats why I try to listen attentively and watch closely to everything. Its the small things that can cost you the match or that can cost you more than that.

Its the long hours in the field or long hours in the Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Marcello's gym that always pay off in the end. You might not get it at first or you over analyze things or get frustrated at the situations, but hey thats why we train. Sometimes its not always about making the right or wrong decision, its just about making one and sticking with it. As we train and find the understanding of things we can teach ourselves better decision making skills. Just like the Army, Marcello C. Monteiro has a structured Brazilian Jiu Jitsu curriculum that sets you up success, not failure. But just like anything when it comes down to it, you revert back to your training "Train like we fight" starts to make a little more sense when your body has all of the muscle memory to fall back on. When you are confused and don't know what to do, it will just happen you wont have to think. Its the muscle memory that we need to understand these situations. We are all students at all levels. All leaders alike started at the bottom, but through hard work, have risen to the top. Thats how Marcello C. Monteiro has proven he has world class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Knowing the enemy is one thing, But knowing the enemy's game and playing it better, playing it to WIN is how I like to train. Yet when I cant make it to the Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu gym due to other training or business, I have his dvd's that help me through the understanding of the game. Just like any training they posses the 3 stages; CRAWL, WALK, and RUN. The most essential steps to any training, the BJJcoach.com dvd's explain the CRAWL and WALK stages carefully to help you first visually understand the steps, and then mentally understand the progression of the movement. The run phase is all up to you and YOUR understanding of the techniques.

Yes I might sound redundant, but I have seen the potential that has risen from his gym and I have trained under other people. If you are a new comer or a seasoned vet I challenge you to come here and see if you don't gain the forward progression that you need to help you reach your full potential. If you are in the Indianapolis area I would come check our Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu gym out first hand. Located at 4967 South Emerson Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46203. If you cant make it in i suggest checking out some of his instructional dvd's. If i haven't sold you on wanting to train with a world class BJJ coach just check out some of his accomplishments on his lengthy and eye opening resume

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