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Wednesday, 08 February 2012 10:06

The Game of BJJ with Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu

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Since I began training, I have found that people participate in jiu-jitsu for a wide variety of reasons. Many people do it strictly for exercise, and it is a very strenuous workout with the added value of some practical knowledge as well. Other people do it to enhance their mental toughness and decision-making life skills. Many people have chosen to train jiu jitsu to learn self-defense, to be more prepared to defend their selves in the unfortunate incident of unwelcome confrontation, while many learn the “gentle art” as an essential element of their mixed martial arts fighting career that they may be pursuing. All of these are perfectly good reasons to train, there actually isn’t a bad reason to do some positive exercise, as far as I’m concerned.

Our Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu coach here, Professor Marcello Monteiro, can help participants with any of the above reasons and is receptive to helping students reach any or all of those goals. However, his top priority, as well as that of many of his students, is to have success and win competitions in the sport of Jiu Jitsu. Marcello teaches the “game” of jiu jitsu, rather than just teaching submissions or gimmicks. Both in the class and on his website www.bjjcoach.com, Marcello Monteiro wants his students to understand the points and scoring system of the sport and to play that element better than their competitors. Naturally he teaches submissions and the defense of submissions, but his main lessons are geared around the athletes improving their position in the match or maintaining that superior position. This form of training that we receive from the BJJ Coach in Indianapolis sharpens our instincts and gives us a better overall understanding of the game that is commonly referred to as human chess. When sparring with a partner in class, we are taught to play for points rather than trying to force a submission attempt. The students are expected to have an understanding of how the points are awarded in tournament-style Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and are expected to know what the score is and where they stand in the training matches during class. The person who is down on points is always in the hot seat and is the one who must be the aggressor, for it is he that is at risk of losing the match if all stays as it currently is. Coach Marcello expects all students to have a good “big picture” understanding of the game of jiu jitsu in its entirety if they expect to move up in belt or rank, and the higher that they climb the more firm an understanding of the game they must develop.

It is not required as a student of Marcello’s BJJ Coach Academy to compete in Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu tournaments, though it does accelerate the understanding of the sport as well as helps the students move up more quickly. Whether or not you are in the sport to compete you will still get a good understanding from the Professor, and your instincts will sharpen as well. Because of this focus in the gym, Marcello’s students always do very well in competition and do a great job of representing the brand that he has built.

  • By Ryan Berry

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