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Thursday, 02 February 2012 13:46

Working the Jiu Jitsu Curriculum

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Marcello Monteiro, at his home Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu academy, has broken new ground by committing the Jiu Jitsu curriculum to film for the benefit of students of all levels. I have recently had the opportunity to get and watch his first DVD series, White to Blue Curriculum, and I am impressed by the quality of the scenes, all shown from multiple angles, and the overall insightfulness of the series. Marcello’s curriculum DVD’s are excellent compliments to rigorous training and reinforce the knowledge that is required to move up in rank as well as win competitions.

The White to Blue curriculum, which is the one that I am familiar with and am working on, is broken up into four DVD’s, each representing a different level of white belt. The first DVD shows all the moves, for all the positions (top, bottom, half-guard, etc.) that are tested to earn a stripe on the belt, or to move up to level two. It continues in this fashion, with the fourth DVD showing all the different techniques from the different positions that are tested to earn a Blue Belt (which is a pretty big deal and major jump, since there are only 5 belt colors, including white and black). While watching DVD’s or reading books will never substitute for training, repetition, and experience, it will enhance a student’s understanding of the overall game and accelerate the learning and development process, as well as create good habits early on the mat.

These curriculum lessons not only include the techniques needed to master to improve your game and advance in levels, but also show warnings of common mistakes made in certain scenarios and what not to do in those situations, as well as explaining why that is not the best choice. The curriculum DVD’s aren’t cheap, but they are a plethora of learning and, if used correctly and learned completely, are actually grossly underpriced.

The curriculum DVD’s are incredibly easy to navigate. Through the menu, you can go immediately to the position that you want, then immediately to the technique you are looking for, and are able to watch it over and over, showing all different angles, and much as is necessary. After studying a few of these moves and techniques, appropriate for your level, in your spare time you are ready to go to your gym and try them out on your colleagues in live training sessions. Through repetitive reinforcement, you will take your game to great heights.

These curriculum shots are also available, from white belt all the way through black belt, with a subscription on bjjcoach.com. The website is a wealth of information in itself, and you can join the community and explore the site free of charge. I spent some time prior to my move to Indianapolis at one of the many affiliated gyms who used Marcello’s curriculum. Now, at Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Coach, I have the good fortune to be a member at his home Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu academy on the South Side of Indy and have the opportunity to train with him up to six days a week. In the classes, however, he teaches what he wants to teach that day. At home, through his curriculum DVD’s, I can work on what I want and need to work on in order to advance myself to the next level, taught by BJJ Black Belt Marcello himself with own meticulous integrity for the technique. It is a win-win.

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