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Over the years, Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Coach, Marcello Monteiro, has recorded hundreds of wonderful Brazilian Jiu Jitsu videos.Many of these are located on his other website (BJJCOACH.COM) and many are located right on Youtube for your viewing pleasure. Below are some of the top videos from Marcello's Jiu Jitsu Youtube page. Enjoy!

There are several Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu competitions coming up this spring and summer in the area and many people who train with the Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Coach in Indiana are excited to test their skills and technique in a structured, tournament-style format.  Competitors are separated by rank, weight, and age and grapple for fun, pride, and prizes.  It is a chance to show off and test the hard work and dedication that is displayed by athletes of all Jiu Jitsu gyms on a weekly basis.  Participating in bracket-style competition is not required to train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and I’m sure that there are many people who enjoy studying and practicing the sport who are not interested in testing their skills and abilities in that style of venue.  On the other hand, there are people who train year round for the sole purpose to compete, and they are eagerly anticipating these tournaments.

The Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Coach is a fantastic place for beginners to learn some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I’m sure that it is also a great place for more experienced practitioners of the sport to come and practice, tweak their game, and roll with some good competition. The Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu gym has a great atmosphere and a mutual respect shown by all, whether you are just in town for the month or you just stepped on the mats for the first time less than a month ago.

I must admit, I have a nearly unhealthy obsession with self-improvement.  I am always trying different things and reading things in an attempt to positively impact my mind, body, and financial health.  At times, these things began with the best of intentions are difficult to stick with long enough to reap the rewards from it.

"Train hard, this is why we train like we fight. I take this saying to heart"

Train hard, this is why we train like we fight. I take this saying to heart. To some its just a clever saying, to me it can mean life or death to myself or others. I pay close attention to every aspect of any training even if it seems pointless. If it didn't work they wouldn't drill this into our head. Knee up, stay tight, keep your eye on your target, keep that head down... these are just a few things that are drilled into my head on both plains of training. For those who do not know I am an enlisted soldier in the United States Army, so training for me is just an every day thing, and thats why I try to listen attentively and watch closely to everything. Its the small things that can cost you the match or that can cost you more than that.

Cold weather is here, and that has an effect on us all. The darkness and chill make it more difficult to get up in the morning out of our warm beds. People are less likely to want to get out in the evenings; they would rather watch television or partake in some other time-burglary hobby. Exercise and other healthy activities often fall by the wayside for a few months. Here we are already three weeks into February and for many folks the New Year’s resolutions are already a distant memory.

At Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu coach, Marcello Monteiro teaches his students to focus their efforts on specific things against specific opponents in order to accelerate the improvement of their game. During the sparring segment of the class, he strategically partners people up to train with each other and often times he will instruct the athletes on what to focus upon while training against certain opponents. In this way he is helping his students become more technical and controlled in certain areas of their game that he notices may be lacking.

In a previous writing I had discussed the power of goal setting and shared a particular goal of mine. Using the S.M.A.R.T. system for formulating goals, I decided that I wanted to achieve the rank of black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from the Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Coach, Marcello Monteiro by the time I was 40 years of age, which is just under nine and a half years from now. That seems to me to be a reasonable goal, barring any sort of injuries, career relocation, etc.

Since I began training, I have found that people participate in jiu-jitsu for a wide variety of reasons. Many people do it strictly for exercise, and it is a very strenuous workout with the added value of some practical knowledge as well. Other people do it to enhance their mental toughness and decision-making life skills. Many people have chosen to train jiu jitsu to learn self-defense, to be more prepared to defend their selves in the unfortunate incident of unwelcome confrontation, while many learn the “gentle art” as an essential element of their mixed martial arts fighting career that they may be pursuing. All of these are perfectly good reasons to train, there actually isn’t a bad reason to do some positive exercise, as far as I’m concerned.

I began Studying BJJ a few months shy of my 50th Birthday.   Although I had been studying martial arts for many years, the Brazilian form of Jiu Jitsu intrigued me as many sparring and self-defense sessions ended up on the mat and I asked my self: “now what.”   I asked a friend who would be a good Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor in Indianapolis and she told me about Marcello who was teaching her son.   So, I booked an appointment to go see his Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu school. I immediately recognized that Marcello Monteiro was good instructor by his patient guidance and the enthusiasm of his students.   However, I was a little intimidated as most of his students were in their 20s and 30s and here I was knocking on the door of the big 5-Oh.  Nevertheless, I was determined to give it a try and no one seemed to care about my age, they all just welcomed me as another brother in the Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu family.

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